Welcome to the Animal Patrol Fanon Video Game Wiki

Welcome to the Animal Patrol Fanon Video Game, Here you can make your own video games. But If you don't know who the Animal Patrol is Go to the page using this link: [1] (Push the 1 button to go to the page)


These are the rules that must follow:

1. No Violent Video Games. All Animal Patrol Video Games must be suitable for all audience.

2. No cyber-bullying.

3. No Spamming.

4. If you want to make a videogame but you don't know english, don't worry. We'll translate your language to english.

5. Always rename your OWN pages for some reason.

6. We also accept your video games that you made from Animal Patrol Wiki.

7. No games that involves cussing

8. No sexual games.

9. You can also use a PAW Patrol Character as well, but if you do! You MUST!! also use a Animal Patrol Character as well!

Your Admins for this wiki

Dragons19 (Active)

Animals & Characters that you can use for the video games

Ashley - The Animal Patrol Leader (13 Yrs.)

Jabber - (The Firefighter parrot)

Cotton tail - (The construction Rabbit)

Vanilla - (The Police cop Peguses unicorn)

Cupcake - (The eco-Recycle Pup)

Butterscotch - (The Water rescue Mustang horse)

Shimmer - (The Air Navigation Dragon)

Flash - (The Doctor Wolf Pup)

Hershey - (The spy Mustang horse)

Rocket - (The gravity blue jay)

(You can even use the PAW Patrol Characters too, since Ashley is Ryder's Sister. But you must also use a Animal Patrol Character too!)

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